Usul al-Sunnah - Imam Humaidi [219H] [Urdu]

Image of Usul al-Sunnah - Imam Humaidi [219H] [Urdu]

This is the monumental work of Imam Humaidi who died in the year 219H and he was also the teacher of the great Imam the Muhadith of the Dunya, Imam al-Bukhari. Imam Humaidi penned down some creedal points and points of Usual and Manhaj.

This is the first time the book has been produced in the Urdu language for the native readers and it also comes with detailed explanatory notes by Muhammad Ibrahim al-Husainwi and Abu Khuzaimah Imran Masoom Ansari and a detailed biography of Imam Humaidi and the methodology he uses in his books

The book has been introduced by Shaikh Abdullah Nasir Rehmani and Shaikh Wasiullah bin Muhammad Abbas.