The Legal Status of Eid Milad al-Nabi - Shaykh Badi al-Din Shah al-Rashidi al-Sindhi (1416H)

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ʿAudhu Billāhi min ash-Shayṭān al-Rajīm, Bismillāh al-Raḥmān al-Raḥīm. Alḥamdullilāhi Rabbil ʿAlamīn, waṣalatu wassalām ʿala rasūlillahil karīm, wa ʿala alihī wa aṣḥābīhi wa man tabiʿahum bi-iḥsān ilāʾ yawm al-dīn; wa baʿḍ. All Praise belongs and is directed to the Rabb of everything that exists, praise and salutations be upon His final beloved Messenger, Muḥammad , his revered family and his noble Companions and upon those who follow them in good until the end of times, to proceed:

This is another translated work of Imām Badiʿ al-Din Shāh al-Rāshidī al-Sindhī (d.1416H) which had been gathering dust on the shelves and is now being presented to the reader, there are numerous other works, we pray that Allāh aids their publication, In-shāʾ-Allāh.

The author, the great ʿAllāmah and Imām who was given the title of Shaykh al-Arab Waʾl-ʿAjam used to deliver lectures and lessons in the blessed sanctuary of Makkah whilst sitting in front of the Kaʿaba. He delivered this particular lecture on the 17th of Rabī al-Awwal in the year 1398 after Hijrah. The Imām delivered the lecture in front of everyone in Baytullāh, Masjid al-Ḥarām and it was considered a historical lecture. The reader will see how this great ʿAllāmah elucidates and expounds the Prophetic Methodology in calling to Tawḥīd and how he reverts the issue of Milād back to this fundamental and pivotal message.

The reader will also see the phenomenal deductions of this illustrious Salafī and Ahl al-Ḥadīth multi disciplinary mountain of knowledge and how he only resorts to the Qurʾān. He does this so that the average listener has no choice but to reflect, ponder, accept and agree with the Qurʾān.

This treatise aside from others is unique in the sense that it deals with the issue from the perspective of Uṣūl as well as debates and presents logical thought provoking arguments, which are no match even for the most progressive of the intellectuals. This book is essentially a transcription and translation of the original lecture, the translators have further added notes and references where needed and thus none of the footnotes are from the author himself.

Last but not least the Shaykh set a challenge for anyone to prove the validity and permissibillity of celebrating the Mawlid and offered a sum of 100,000 Pakistani Rupees, bearing in mind this was approximately 38-39 years ago. This challenge of ʿAllāmah Badīʿ al-Dīn’s still remains and while extending it we are now offering 200,000 Pakistani Rupees as reward.

Publisher: SRI
Translator: Abu Khuzaimah Ansari
Size A5
38 pages