Usul al-Sunnah - Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal [241H] (Urdu)

Image of Usul al-Sunnah - Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal [241H] (Urdu)

This compilation is of Imam Ahmads Usul al-Sunnah as well four other treatises on Creed and Sunnah. The great Imam expounded on the beliefs and Sunnah of Ahl al-Sunnah waʿl Jamah, the Ahl al-Hadith and the Salafis.

The points of Aqidah and Sunnah have been explained in great detail and whilst explaining aspects of the Sunnah other early works of the Salaf on creed and doctrine have been used. Detailed notes have bene added by Muhammad Ibrahim Hussainwi, Abu Hibban Malak and Abu Khuzaimah Imran Masoom Ansari.

This book serves as a basic primer on Aqidah for the one seeking the creed of the Salaf in the urdu language